Stephen Curry interview

During your brief time with Coach [Mike] Krzyzewski and Team USA, what’s the biggest influence that he’s had on you?

My two experiences with Team USA … [Coach K] knows how to build a team, and that’s something as a leader with the Warriors [I can use]. I’ve learned a lot of how to communicate with whoever’s labeled the top guy, all the way to the last guy of the roster — just how important each piece is to winning. Obviously when all the NBA guys go to Team USA, you take on different roles, and [Coach K] has a great way of just simplifying things so that you understand.

And putting away all of the egos?

The biggest thing with putting away egos is you put away your egos, but keep them at the same time — meaning that you don’t change who you are, and you play the way that you’re comfortable with, but it doesn’t matter who gets the credit as long as you’re winning. And you’ll feel a special bond due to those memories that you go through because you were a part of winning.


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