Why not you?


This comment is also inspiring

In my opinion, that question is one of THE best questions to ask yourself when you’re contemplating a new challenge.

I have had a lot of self doubt in my life. As many of you know, I have struggled with low self esteem for most of my life. But, one thing I am grateful for is that despite this, I didn’t let these thoughts stop me from taking action.

Who am I to be capable enough to do that?
I was thinking, “Geez, there are consultants with a Harvard undergrad, a Harvard MBA, and a Harvard MD — oh crap, that is impressive. I mean I’m not an MBA. I’m not an MD. How in the world am I supposed to keep up?”

(Hint — clients are first and foremost human beings. Human beings are more similar than dissimilar to other human beings. Human beings have several common traits — a lot of them worry about stuff, many have insecurities, and we all just want to belong. When you realize this, you realize a billionaire human being vs. a non-billionaire human being are still both… well, human beings.)

By the way, the vast majority of the people who get MBB offers are surprised they got it. Many did not think they could do it. But they followed my guidance, and practiced a lot and got it

What you are actually capable of is GREATER than what you PERCEIVE yourself to be capable of.

It was not my natural talent that has led to my success, it was my willingness to put in the effort. The wonderful thing about this is it is a CHOICE available to any human being. Because talent without effort, still does not get you anywhere. Nobody is born ready to be a management consultant, a Superbowl champion quarterback, or in any other career.

We are all born human… and human beings are often much more capable than they realize.


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