NYU Abu Dhabi: A Student’s View

NYU Abu Dhabi: A Student’s View


Was NYU Abu Dhabi worth it?”

I believe so. The class of 2014 was the first to ever graduate from NYU Abu Dhabi and we are now split 137 ways across the globe; 137 different trajectories that may intersect but will rarely coincide—and perhaps never again all align. But this separation is a part of the greatest treasure granted to me after these four years: A profound sense of absence.

I have often heard it said that college is meant to be where we learn to think. I’m not sure I can say I’ve learned that yet—how do we trust a brain’s assurances to itself of its own value? But I have learned to feel, to hear the buzzing absence of questions unanswered. And I think with that, perhaps, the thinking may come. I hope so. And I’ll try my best to make it so.

I have learned that I do not know most of the things there are to know and of that I do know I know far less than expected. NYU Abu Dhabi showed me a glimpse of the world, and that passing glance is not the kind of thing that can be forgotten. My horizon has widened, my map is full of questions. What else haven’t I seen? What else don’t I know?


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