First day at Berkeley

Actually, i haven’t been to the US before, so it’s kind of exciting and nervous simultaneously for me to go to San Francisco alone. Fortunately, Mr. Scott’s son( Kevin) works in San Francisco now( he is the alumnus of UC Berkeley).

After the flight landing in, I went to claim my baggage and passed the custom( it took approximately two hours to go from the airplane to the gate of the airport. really took lots of time.) And finally, I met Kevin in person ( we have used Wechat and email contact several times before). Kevin looks really like Mr. Scott and he is really friendly and nice. I asked him about the campus life when we were in his silver Camry.

Going from airport to Hillegass Ave( where i live), I observed lots of difference between Taiwan and San Francisco. Take the building as an example, buildings in Taipei are all high, and we are all like living in a urban jungle. However, in SF, the houses tend to be short and flat, basically one or two stories. There are many different types of buildings and different stores in SF. They all have their own features. On the other hand, Taipei are full of franchises like starbucks and McDonald

morning scene in Hillegass Avenue (where I live)

morning scene in Hillegass Avenue (where I live)

After putting my baggage in my apartment, Kevin took me to meet his friends( and one of them is Kat, my another mentor’s daughter) and we went to IN-N-OUT burger. Before going to California, everyone told me that without eating IN-N-OUT, the life in California is incomplete. The burger is delicious and the animal fries are also great. I was kind of not able to keep up with their conversation even though I understood the language they used. Since there were tons of contexts that I knew nothing about (like the people, events and so on). I think that is so-called ” culture difference”.

IN-N-OUT double-double

IN-N-OUT double-double

It’s a good start, but there are still millions things I need to adapt (such as the cold weather)

Freaking cold in North California

Freaking cold in North California, I got to cover myself with blanket (kind of ridiculous lol)


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